1. Get a consultation.

At the consult we ask you what results you want to achieve. Tell us what bothers you, tell us all your concerns. We go for a natural look, refreshed but not overdone. We come up with a treatment plan and go from there. We have many toxins and fillers to choose from and will select the appropriate filler for the outcome you want. You won’t know the cost of even what is recommended unless someone sees you and talks to you about your specific treatment.

Not all faces are the same, what works on one person may be different for someone else. We take into consideration face shape, mid face volume loss and other factors. We make sure you are a good candidate for any treatment you are considering. We make recommendations on results now and long term. We aim to get the best results for you while being conservative in our approach.

2. Shopping for the best price.

While cost does matter, so does the skill of the injector and the facility. After all, safety is first. Safety in knowing that you are receiving genuine product, that the injector is skilled, and that the facility is a professional medical office. Shopping for the lowest cost per unit is not always the least expensive. Practices that offer genuine products directly from the manufacturer are also able to offer rewards programs like Alle and Aspire. These reward points can be earned anywhere in the US and Canada and can be redeemed at any office as well. Sign up before your appointment, call us and ask. We will help you get the most out of these programs for additional savings.

A skillful injector understands facial anatomy and not only where to inject but everything else related to placement to to give you the best result. The best injectors study anatomy, know the most current injection techniques by participating in ongoing continuing education and are injecting patients regularly.

3. Listen to recommendations and know why we recommend what we do.

In talking about injections we say “full correction” and this is what it means. To fully correct we use the amount of toxins (Botox/ Dyspor) and dermal filler to achieve a result that will look good now and later. If you underdose with Botox you run the risk of still having too much muscle movement and the results not lasting the typical three to four months, some people get a little longer. If you underdose with fillers you run the risk of not getting the visual result you want, not getting enough lift or fill. By getting the correct amount of filler the results will look better and last longer, up to 18 months. With some fillers we can use less (smaller filler volume) and still achieve the same result as with more of another, different filler. Ask us. You can also space your filler appointments if you like, for example, if treating the cheeks you can wait to see the results before deciding if you even need to fill naso labial folds.

4. Consider medical grade skincare if you don’t already use it.

Investing in injections and not taking care of your skin does not equal the best results. When a provider mentions skin care, it’s not an upsell to dismiss. You may be coming to see us for Botox and just be focused on that but oftentimes a small adjustment in your skincare routine makes a big difference. The Botox or Dysport will certainly decrease muscle movement but that’s not all you see. Hydrated skin looks smoother and has fewer fine lines and wrinkles that Botox alone won’t address. Want your skin to glow? We can do that too! In office treatments complement home care and you can see results faster. Medical grade skin care has purer ingredients coupled with the delivery mechanism to reach the layer of skin where the function will be most impacted. Collagen and elastin production is prevention of future signs of aging. Your new cheeks will look better if your skin is healthy and resilient. We can help you add to your current skincare regimen if you love what you’re currently using, or we can start you off with the basics. Because of the concentration of active ingredients you use less and your products last longer. That makes the drugstore product look not so good. Not sure? Try a sample, we know you’ll love what you see!