Frequently Asked Questions

Where to start:

The services we offer keep expanding as we add new technology and there are so many products to choose from.

What to do?

Book a consult. We love to talk with our patients and help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Tell us your concerns and skin goals and that alone will narrow down the choices a lot.

There are often times many options and we will help guide you with treatment selections to get the results you want. Some have a little more social down time than others with no down time at all. So be sure to tell us if you’re getting ready for a special event and your timeline.

Medical grade skin care:

Better ingredients with the best delivery system so you see results and achieve healthy skin. Yes, there are many to choose from and we curate our skin care inventory, that means we don’t always carry the full line from each vendor. We pick and choose and love to share with you not only which products will work best but how to use them. We do have online stores with will all the purchase options Tell us if you want a minimal routine or love the self-care routines and want to add a little more.

Also, we can start you on a new routine or make recommendations on adding to your existing products.

To browse our online stores, go to the SHOP tab at the top and options will drop down for ZO Skin Health, Skinbetter Science and SkinMedica.


At Allure Skin and Laser, we believe tipping is a choice. That said here is how we see it:

Aesthetics: Treatments and services by our aestheticians, and laser techs: gratuities are appreciated but not expected.

Injections: Botox and fillers injected by our doctor, please do not tip. The doctor prefers to not accept tips. We will remind you to please skip when prompted on the checkout software. The services are expensive and there is no need to tip a physician. Tipping a Physician is outside of the tipping guidelines and not at all necessary.

Appointments and follow ups:

Please feel free to schedule a follow up to your appointment. There is no cost for this. Now is a great opportunity to review or make adjustments to skin care. Whether seasonal changes or more, we can adjust product use to help you push through the anticipated reaction stage to great glowing skin. Our products sometimes take a little getting used if you’re new to stronger medical grade ingredients but don’t give up.

Progress adds up. Great healthy skin is just around the corner. We will get you there!

Laser hair removal:

Multiple treatments are required to treat the hair follicle through various growth stages. Consistency is key to the best results. Appointments are every 4-6 weeks depending on are treated. You can treat more than one area per visit such as bikini, leg and underarm, that’s a popular combination. So is lip or lip and chin. After you complete the series it’s normal to require a touch up every year or so.

We always start with a consult to determine if you are a good candidate and to provide pricing and savings with package options.

For treatments:

  1. Please arrive for your appointment having shaved the area to be treated the day before.
  2. Please do not apply lotions, creams etc. before the laser service.

**Medical conditions such as PCOS often require more treatments so please check that on the medical form and have a conversation with us to review results you can expect before you start.

Treatment age:  18 years an up to consent. If patient is younger parent/guardian needs to come in and consult with prospective patient. This is a great option for someone with more hair growth at a younger age that interferes with enjoying school and PE and other activities etc.


Product returns: We do not accept product returns. We make certain exceptions for allergic reactions and defective products/dispenser within 30 days of purchase.

Cancellation and No-Show fees: Please cancel or reschedule your appointment within 24 hours of the scheduled time, excluding weekends and holidays. (cancel Monday appointment on Friday). This will allow us to try and fill the appointment time. There will be a $50 fee for no show or late cancellation. Thank you.